Pickup & Delivery

There are three ways to get your product from us - you can pick it up directly from our store, pick it from a collection point or have it delivered to you.

1. Store pickup

You can pick your item directly from any of our stores at no extra cost during normal business working hours. After making your order and choosing a store pickup as your delivery option, we will then get back in touch with you on the possible pickup dates and time.

2. Collection points

You can also pick up your item from a collection point at no extra cost on specific days and hours of the week. We will get in touch with you before the pickup time to still confirm on your collection.

The collection point pickup can only be possible on the following day after ordering. Kindly note that we do not deliver to collection point on weekends.

3. Door delivery

We also do delivery to a public landmark near your address. We do not do door delivery because of security reasons.

The delivery cost is the fare estimate from Nairobi CBD to your address and back by public transport.

4. Courier services

We also deliver to other towns in Kenya via courier services. For courier services, you will have to pay 100% advance of the total cost of the products and the courier charges before we send you the items.

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