How to Order

1. Browse and add to cart

Browse our collection and find the item(s) you want to buy.

Once found, you can click on the item image or on the item title to view more details about the specific item. This will open the item in its own page where you can view more photos of the item, full description, features, cost breakdown and much more. When ready, click on the "Buy now" button to add the item to your cart.

Alternatively, click the "Buy now" button on the listing page which will add the item directly to your cart.

2. The cart

Once an item (or items) has been added to the cart, the cart icon at the top-right section of the website will hold a summary of the total number of items in the cart plus their total cost. The red label holds the number of items while the text alongside holds the total cost.

Clicking on the cart icon will take you to the cart page where you can view items in the cart and remove any you desire. A summary of the total cost is shown on the right hand side of the cart page (if on desktop) or down after the items (if on mobile) for you to keep an eye on the totals. All our prices are clear and there are no hidden charges.

When satisfied with the cart contents, click on the "Checkout" button just under the summary.

3. Checkout

In the checkout page, we have listed our main payment method first. Payments are only made on delivery or during pickup so please hold your cash until you see the item physically. The only time you pay beforehand is during delivery by courier services.

In the second section, please enter your name, email address and phone number so that we can get in touch with you on delivery. Alternatively, you can create an account or login into Ridadi.

Lastly, choose how you want to get the item - do you want to pick it up from our store, or from a collection point or can we deliver it to you. Door delivery will be an extra cost on your side. Also on door delivery, you will have to create an account first so as to add your delivery address.

4. Confirmation

The final step is just confirming the order plus the details above. We will also send you an email address containing the order number and a summary of the whole order.

Once we receive an order from you, we will begin packaging and then contact you to alert you when delivering. You will then pay on delivery or during pickup.

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